How long has Hit-Air been around?

Hit-Air has been producing air vests for 15+ years. It is the original air vest brand. This technology has been used in the motorcycle industry. Hit-Air has years of testing and improvements.

Once an air vest inflates, can it be re-used?

Yes, it can be reused if it has not been damaged. If there is any damage to the airbag, ask an authorized dealer for a maintenance check. After verifying that the best is OK, replace the gas cartridge and it is ready for re-use.

Are the cartridges reusable?

No, you will need to buy a replacement cartridge which are available on-line or direct from a Hit-Air Equestrian Canada representative.

How do you wear your cross country number?

You can fasten is loosely to allow room for the vest to inflate.

Do I have to wear my cross country vest for it to work?

FEI, USEA and EC rules state that Hit-Air cannot be worn alone in cross country phase of competition. Hit Air is worn over top of the hard shell cross country vest. However outside of competition, or in the dressage and show jump phases, the vest can be safely used on its own. Either way it will work as indicated.

If a rider forgets to disconnect the coiled wire and dismounts, will the airbag be activated?

A tensile force of about 30kg (66 pounds) is needed to release the key ball to activate the airbag. Always disconnect the saddle bungee before dismounting, as it is possible for deployment to occur by the rider leaping off the horse.

Does the noise of the vest inflating scare your horse?

If a rider falls, the noise is going to be the last thing on the rider’s mind! If you accidentally jump off and the air vest inflates, it depends on your horse (most don’t even notice).